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    Several days after the kickball game, Spirit was still throwing a fit about it. He would sit in class and complain to Kami about it. Azusa felt bad for Kami having to deal with Spirit every day, "Sometimes I really wonder how she deals with him…" Azusa looked back down at her chapter book and sighed.

Marie put her head down on her desk, covering her ears sitting a few seats away from Spirit" you know after the two hours Spirit was complaining about him team losing was bad enough.." Nygus added. Suddenly it Spirit got quiet; Azusa Nygus and Marie looked up to see Spirit face down on his desk with a dent in the back of his head.

Stein, who sat behind him had hit him with the anatomy book he had been reading" You know I was at a good part of that book… and you had to keep blabbering…" he said as his eye switched" if you ever have kids I really hope they don't complain like you.."
Kami sweat dropped at that last part" I'm sure he'd change by then". Azusa laughed a little" knowing Spirit yeah I doubt that highly, he may mature a bit but that's about it", Stein laughed looking over at Azusa. " hey I'll make you a bet about how much he changes over the next 10 years" he set his book down figuring he wouldn't get a chance to finish it today. "Alright I'll make the bet, but what happens to the loser?" Azusa adjusted her glasses. "W-wait a minute, do you really think you two will remember the bet after 10 years?" Marie chimed in, Azusa shook her head" this IS Spirit after all I doubt we can forget the bet."

"As for the loser, I'd say something simple the loser does whatever the winner chooses... Sound fair?" Stein asked walking over to Azusa's desk. Azusa nodded" Within reason of course" she held out her hand" shake on it?" Stein nodded and shook her hand" this should make the two years interesting though" he smirked. "Indeed..."

Marie stood up and raised her hand" We should have a sleep over~!" she said happily. Azusa face palmed" now where did that come from?" "well I figured since schools going to be out in a few days why not, besides it'll be fun" she smiled sitting back down" c'mon it'll be fun, I'll even invite Justin!" Azusa twitched a bit" …but what about the no boys over thing?" Marie grinned" that's not a problem mommy and daddy don't mind, besides Mommy's up most of the night with her night job so it'll be alright…" she moved closer to Azusa and poked her cheek" you worried about the boys at night?" she joked.

Azusa pushed her away and held up her book practically covering her face" n-no why would I? Just leave me alone with my book and hold your party….how many people are you inviting anyway?" well that's for me to know and you to find out" she grinned" don't worry there will only be a few people there you don't like" she joked.

After classes got out for the day, Marie walked down the halls holding paper cards she was going to make for the friends she wanted to invite after she asked her parents to make sure they wouldn't get mad and to help get things for her schools out for the summer sleepover. She was so excited about the party she wasn't paying attention, she bummed into a couple upper classman who didn't look too friendly, she fell backwards knocking her stuff on the floor.

The two boys turned around to see Marie sitting on the floor" oh lookie here a little bird has flown into the wrong territory, should we guide her back or-"the tallest one was about to finished before the shorter one interrupted him, by holding up one of the cards Marie had wrote one" looks like little birdie was going to have a party". "G-give that back it's mine" Marie said in a low voice. The tall boy put his hand to his ear" what was that I didn't quiet catch that..." he tore the not in half smiling" oops sorry 'bout that mu hand slipped".

The other boy grabbed the rest of her notes" girlies got a few friends here…. It'd be a shame if these has to be re-written huh?' he grinned. As he started to rip the papers, he ended up getting a punched to the face by the 'little birdie' which of course sent the papers in the boys hands scattered around the floor. The punch didn't do much but give the shorter boy a bruise.

The tall boy grabbed both of Marie's hands, she tried to get out of his grip but he was a lot stronger then she was. "Girlies got some guts huh?" the shorter boy laughed a bit" yeah, I'll give her that but even though I don't like it hit girls I'll make an exception this once" As he raised his fist Marie's eyes widened as she saw Nygus run up behind the shorter boy, kicking him in the back of the head.

She blinked a few times confused" N-Nygus where did you-" At that point Nygus had landed and punched the lights out of the tall boy behind her. "What did you get yourself into Marie?" Nygus asked as she picked up Marie's things". I was just walking and I wasn't paying attention and bumped into these guys… they started ripping up my invitations so I hit the shorter guy...and things picked up from there. Where'd you come from anyway? You seem to come out of nowhere".

Nygus smiled" well that's how I do things, c'mon let's get out of here before they wake up" Nygus grabbed her hand and polled her away until they were out of the building. "If they ever pick on you again let me know ok? Sorry to cut things short but I got to go, I'll catch up with you tomorrow" Nygus said running off to the track across the field. Marie waved" thanks for the save Nygus!" she smiled" I should do something to pay her back for that"

"Pay Nygus back fir what?" Azusa said practically coming out of nowhere. Marie jumped dropping her things again" gezz Yum, you scared me to death!" she said waving her arms up and down. Azusa blinked a few times before sighing" yeah sorry about that, but anyway I'm guessing those two guys back there had something to do with you and Nygus saves you from getting beat up right?" Marie starred at Azusa for a minute or two before nodding"…uh yeah how'd you..?" Azusa smiled a little" lucky guess, plus Stein was walking by, he said if Nygus hasn't jumped in those guys might not be here tomorrow... he said he wasn't in a good mood anyway, funny what you hear after school"

Azusa sighed again" look let's just go home before something else happens, I think it's safe to say you'd had a long day, plus you'll have to re-do those invitations." Marie got teary eyed as she put her arms in the air again" b-but it took forever to do those!" Azusa face palmed again"…Marie that took you two class periods TWO that's what 30 minute..?" Marie sat down on the stairs in front of them" that's not the point…" Azusa sat down next to her and patted Marie's back" man if you like this now I can only imagine what you'll be like when your older and pregnant…" Marie's head shot up" Y-Yumi! What was that about??" Azusa laughed" hey it got you to stop whining didn't it?"

Marie was about to say something when a hand holding a few taped up cards where in front of her face. She looked behind her shocked" S-Stein what are you..?" he smiled a bit" well when you and Nygus ran off I thought I'd try and fix your cards, seeing it looked like you put a lot of time into them-"Marie stood up and hugged him" Thank you thank you thank you~!" she practically squealed, hugging him as tight as she could.

"s-seein stars Marie seein stars…" he said, he felt like his lungs were being crushed. Azusa started to laugh at Stein's face" oh man if I had my camera…oh wait I do" she grinned" this will make my day~" she grabbed her bag and took a picture of the two. Marie let go and grabbed the cards Stein had fixed for her, she was really happy at this point.
Azusa stood up and fixed her long skirt" alright, well" she adjusted her glasses again" I think I should get going before my parents start to worry" she grabbed her bag and started to walk down the stairs. "Oh Azusa wait up! Oh here Stein this one's for you" she grabbed one of the cards and gave it to him" I'll see you tomorrow" she got on her tip toes and gave Stein a peck on the cheek, grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs to catch up to Azusa, she turned around and waved back at him before running into Azusa" s-sorry" she rubbed the back of her head laughing as she continued to walk with Azusa.

Stein waved back and smiled"...Yeah see ya…" he turned around and walked back inside the school' wonder what that was all about?' he thought as he walked back into the classroom to grab his things. When he got back to the class he noticed Spirit was sitting on the desk by the window" well well so you do have a heart there huh Stein?" he said in a joking tone" looks like she's got a crush on you" he closed his eyes smiling.

"Yeah yeah whatever can we just go now? I have some test I got to study for in the next few weeks" he reached down and picked up his bag and looked at Spirit" don't you have some tests to study for before you get SUMMER SCHOOL~" he smirked. Spirit starred at him for the longest time before he started to freak out" OH CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! NOOO~!" he jumped off the desk and ran out of the room screaming though the hallways, having the other students watch him running down the halls as they laughed. Stein starting laughing again" oh man I've got to start doing that more often, this is TOO good ha ha, he even forgot his things here….oh well" he shrugged.
I just finished it today :iconiloveitmoreplz:
I'm really happy with this, I hope it's ok

Oh and yes I know my grammar sucks XD THANK YOU SPELL CHECK XD enjoy let me know if you want another chapter and i'll see what I can do.
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Another chapter? Ok I'll give it a shot. I haven't written in a while though.
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